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A Place Where Everything is Possible

Just about a week ago, I listened to a young woman give one of the most inspiring speeches I’d heard in a long time. It wasn’t full of big words or even particularly big ideas, but it came from the … Continue reading

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Penguins Know How to Party: An Ode to Howe Cup in Boston

It was the year of the penguins. They looked left. They looked right. They looked cool in their black zoot suits, even as over two hundred women from fifty squash teams danced and sang and celebrated all around them. It … Continue reading

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A Night of New York Women…and Squash

Over an Oktoberfest beer the other evening, a friend remarked to me, “we’re the only women I know who still play the sport we played in college.” My friend plays tennis and I play squash, and I feel incredibly fortunate … Continue reading

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The Here and Now: a little skiing/squash zen

Fluffy flakes of snow fell all around me—in the evergreens, on my red ski jacket, and over the field of moguls just beyond the tips of my skis. I took a breath, tightened the grip on my poles, and slid … Continue reading

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A very good, bad day : cycling through the Olympic decision

At twelve noon a Sunday or so ago, I was in Flushing, Queens. And, no, not at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The Serena and Victoria slugfest would not start until later. No, I was slugging it out … Continue reading

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Master and Professor

The guy hops around the court like a jujube on caffeine. Bearing a passing resemblance to Tintin (le coiffeur, anyway), he windmills his arms, darts his eyes from left to right, and talks a mile a microsecond. But I hang … Continue reading

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