have your match and eat cake too

CityView is #1 cake
A picture’s worth a thousand words.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I’m putting both these cliches to work for me with the photos below, since I’m still jetlagged from an amazing vacation in Asia, and I’m saving my writing energy for the world doubles championships this weekend. But I’ve got to gloat a bit that my league team at CityView hammered–well, solidly whacked–our friends and rivals at Eastern Athletic Club to win the NYSquash Women’s 4.0 final.

MVP should probably go, however, to EAC’s #1 Emily Sherwood, who remains undefeated (9-0). A close runner-up is CityView’s #1 Ona Prokes (8-2), who quickly leaped up the CityView ladder and undoubtedly helped to pull her team into the playoffs and finals. Both young women were uncommonly gracious and mature on court, and when they  leave the rest of us sweeping up squash court dust bunnies, we wish them many more victories.

As for the rest of you league players, congratulations on winning, condolences on losing, and thanks for being part of this great game called squash. And remember, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s whether you burn enough calories to have your cake and maybe a second piece, too.

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