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Breaking the rules of the Maah Daah Hey: how Not to mountain bike the Badlands

There are rules to mountain biking the Maah Daah Hey trail in the Badlands of North Dakota. Here are four of the most important ones. • If it’s raining, do not ride the trail. • If it rained anytime in … Continue reading

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When a road beckons… A summer of biking and books

On a recent Saturday morning bike ride in the Catskills, I got to a fork in the road and paused. To the right was the paved country road I had planned to take. It wound up through some very picturesque … Continue reading

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What Do Greek Olives Taste Like? Revelations in the Peloponnese

“Here,” the man said, walking over to some waist high earthenware jars, “you should try these.” He lifted the dinner plate sized lid, revealing dark purple olives glistening in brine. He took a ladle and scooped up four or five … Continue reading

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