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The below is info. about the dearly departed Printing House.


Miss the Printing House? Want to play squash in downtown NYC? Take the Downtown Squash Center survey!


Sometimes I wish these past few months (since squash court demolition day 12/15/10) had been a bad dream. April Fools Day would be a good day to wake up to PH squash life as it was before. Alas, I woke up to this email from Equinox, where I still workout until I can find a better deal nearby…..

Dear Tracy,

We’re proud to unveil the first phase of our transition to the existing Printing House space, opening this Wednesday, April 13. This exciting transformation includes the conversion of the ground floor into a premier fitness floor, including dedicated Group Fitness and Cycling Studios, expansive strength and cardio areas, Kids’ Club, The Shop and a new Juice bar.

The next phase of our renovation includes the refresh of the pool and deck areas. We’ll also be reconstructing the locker rooms, creating dedicated Yoga and Pilates studios, and adding The Spa with three treatment rooms. While the pool and deck areas will open in June, the 9th and 10th floors will remain closed until the transformation is complete in early September.

As a result, please note the locker rooms will be closed on April 13 and will reopen in early September. Please remove all belongings from the permanent and daily lockers by Sunday, April 10. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance, but feel confident you’ll enjoy the results: soothing eucalyptus steam rooms, spacious new locker and grooming areas, and state-of-the-art showers.

Thank you for your continued commitment and we look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

In Good Health,

Equinox Printing House

1/7/11 Printing House w/out squash….

Call me crazy and a traitor, but I’m still going to the Printing House (aka “Equinox Coming Soon”) to work out. I thought I’d feel too heartsick about the courts to return, but the idea of not being able to workout, spin, etc. regularly was almost as disturbing and I wasn’t ready to return to the anonymity of NYSC. Soooo, I walked back in the door and up the stairs on Monday evening, stealing myself for nausea and disgust. But Equinox ain’t stupid; there was Jerry O (spelling?) with his wide familiar smile and so I kept on going – up the still slowwwww elevator to use the upstairs locker room, as everything in the downstairs back half is pretty much gutted. Sigh.

But I wasn’t there to cry over spoiled squash. I got back down to the main floor and walked through the boxing room sans boxing – in fact, sans much of anything right now – to the new class room. Which is in a weird configuration; there are thirty or so brand-new spinning bikes on your left by the windows, and then past there is a ridiculously small space for classes (body conditioning, yoga, etc.). I know it’s all temporary, but during the “Training System” class, on the way to get water across the room, I felt as if I was in some kooky video game called dodge the body bar. Then, because the class was shorter than usual and I saw one of my favorite spinning instructors walk in, I tried out a new bike for a 45 minute class. And that pretty much did it for me; I couldn’t give up the club just yet. It’s just too damn convenient to my office, and a lot of my exercise class friends are still there–braving out the renovations for similar reasons and with a wait-and-see attitude. Personally, I’m just waiting for some of my friends to build me a new squash club nearby, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

12/17/10 CityView and EAC membership offers extended

I believe that both clubs’ membership offers to PH members have been extended a week or so more, so if you want to try out one or both clubs, give them a call and ask. CityView. EAC.

12/15/10 Equinox banners are flying on Hudson – need I say more?

A friend sent me a photo of the courts being taken apart. Another friend responded, “it’s like they’ve killed our children!” Maybe a slight overstatement, but if you don’t have kids, that’s how bad it feels. As I told a depressed friend last night, get back on the courts as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’re toast. And if you’re still looking for a club, remember that today is the last day to sign up for the special offer at EAC, and tomorrow is the last day for CityView. There is also an Open House at CityView Thursday (12/16) eve from 6-10. If you haven’t been to CityView and are even remotely considering it, I’d highly suggest going; it’s a great club.

12/13/10  A Great Last Match at Printing House tonight

I just found out that the Printing House men’s 5.5 match vs. StreetSquash will be be played tonight/Monday starting at 7:15 at Printing House. Should be a pretty awesome match as our #1  Gustav Detter will play Jacques Swanepoel. Both are former Trinity College players and arguably the two best players in the MSRA league. I just read about Gustav “Goose” in Run to the Roar by Trinity Coach Paul Assaiante, so I am definitely not going to miss it.


We just heard from the COO of Equinox.  Final/official word, as expected, is that they are demolishing the squash courts and fairly soon after December 15th. Needless to say, I am devastated….
Also, what will probably be the last Wednesday RR is happening tonight @ PH. Unless you’re a regular, you probably won’t get on the court, but I’m sure you’re welcome to drown your sorrows with them @ Blind Tiger afterwards.

PH Saturday Squash Round Robin Moves to EAC . . .

Just received this email from Rob Endelman who ran the popular Saturday morning RR at Printing House for years. It is moving to Eastern Athletic Club in Brooklyn Heights. I am personally excited about this because I can bike there! Details below….


Great news!  Starting this Saturday (December 11), the Eastern Athletic Club in Brooklyn Heights will be the new home for the Saturday squash round robin.  The session will now run from 10:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

To welcome our group, EAC has been kind enough to make the round robin FREE for the next two Saturdays.  (Once we resume after the holidays, rates will be $15 for EAC squash members and $30 for guests.)

EAC has four courts and is—literally—steps from the Clark Street subway station (2 and 3 trains).  Alternatively, the Court Street-Borough Hall station (4, 5, R) is only a short walk from the club.

In addition to the free round robin for the next two Saturdays, EAC is offering free membership to former Printing House members through January 31, 2011.  After that, full squash membership (unlimited court time) will be $185 per month, with a $99 initiation fee.

Everyone is welcome the next two Saturdays, so feel free to drop in for all or part of the sessions.  (After the holidays, attendance will be capped at 16 players.)

For more information about EAC, including directions, click here.

I hope to see you this Saturday.


12/5/10 PH Renovations Delayed….

The rumors are flying . . . . Seems that there was a meeting with the PH staff last week and Equinox can’t begin renovations on the first floor as soon as they’d hoped. Renovation plans must be altered and then approved. So while Equinox reconfigures plans and waits for approval (which could take months), we may have a reprieve. Through the new year? Early spring? I will try to find out more….

In the meantime, here’s what I’d like for Christmas….

five international courts,
four new squash balls,
three Karakai grips,
two Gamma wristbands,
and a pint of ale at the Blind Tiger.

12/3/10 Letter in West View news about PH and squash courts….

For a better description than I can give of what Printing House Squash and Fitness Club was and why it may be losing its squash courts, see this letter in West View news. Scroll down on the page to see it…..

11/23/10 PH squash members meet with Equinox management….

You may or may not realize this, but there are many PH members working to save PH’s courts, find a new space for us if PH’s can’t be saved, and all the terribly daunting nitty gritty that comes with real estate in NYC. The latest update is from the group that met with Equinox top management Tuesday morning. In a brief email, David Ellen wrote of Equinox, “They were professional and respectful and extremely impressed with the passion of the Printing House squash membership as well as the financial thoughtfulness and sophistication of our presentation — quite a powerful combination.”
While it sounds as if Equinox is still wary of taking on something they don’t know, they did say that no final decisions have been made and that they would get back to the group within two weeks.
David also mentioned that Denise Dronsick, the director of new Equinox club openings, is going to be spending a lot of time at the Printing House over the next few weeks. “So if you happen to run into her, feel free to introduce yourself as one of the committed squash players she’s heard all about.” I’ll put in a plea to show her our downtown hospitality. Heck, I’d bake her a batch of cookies and let her win a few games if I thought it would help.
The next PH “exploration” meeting is scheduled for 11/30. I can’t go as I’m playing league that night, but I’ll get some notes and post an update after that.


Other club offers . . .

CityView Racquet Club and Eastern Athletic Clubs have both made special membership offers to PH squash members. I received both on Monday, 11/8/2010. A second CityView Open House is scheduled for Thursday 12/16 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.. The EAC Open House was on Monday 11/15 from 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. I went to both; see my thoughts about them here: CityView review and here: EAC review. — And, as I type this, PHers are working hard to convince Equinox to keep the courts (but no guarantees), as well as looking into the viability of opening a new squash club (but would take tons of work/time/$$), so check back. I’ll have more to report….


5 Responses to Club reviews & info

  1. Janet Parks says:

    Thanks, Tracy for putting up all this information. The offer at Citiview is like a free trial offer until February 1st. You basically have until January 15th to use the club for free as they require a 15 day notice to cancel the membership before they charge you. I just signed up over the phone and will check it out. I’m leaning toward EAC like you since I live in Brooklyn, but I wanted to see what Citiview was like. Unfortunately I can’t make either club event this week! Thanks again.

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  3. Kevin Thompson says:

    Really hope you are successful in keeping the courts. I’m moving to NYC at the end of the year (from the Uk) and had the printing house down as a must-join. If the courts go then I’ll need to look elsewhere….

  4. Dinah Day says:

    not being a PH member but an avid player, the C View courts are excellent with their one doubles court and an excellent staff of John Musto, their new Pro and Squash Manager- let’s all go over there, very easy on the #7 subway, soon to play and talk.. DDay cell: 646-339-9955

  5. Jason says:

    I had been a member of Printing House for years and just tried out the new facility. All we have is the bottom floor. The new equipment is decent but nothing spectacular. And get this, no locker rooms or showers! They have two single person bathrooms to change in. What nerve they have raising our rates under these conditions. I may go elsewhere.

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