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A Night of Frustration, Exhaustion, Surprise, and Predictability

New York in winter. West Village wood smoke in the cold air. A steaming slice of John’s pizza burning your tongue. The white lights of the Chrysler building shining more beautiful than any constellation. It is supposed to be snowing, … Continue reading

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Nicol and Raneem’s Excellent Adventure Story

I heard an absolutely amazing story the other day. A friend had told me about it after we had played a few hours of doubles squash and I was wringing out my sweatbands and trying to muster the energy to … Continue reading

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A Night of New York Women…and Squash

Over an Oktoberfest beer the other evening, a friend remarked to me, “we’re the only women I know who still play the sport we played in college.” My friend plays tennis and I play squash, and I feel incredibly fortunate … Continue reading

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The Here and Now: a little skiing/squash zen

Fluffy flakes of snow fell all around me—in the evergreens, on my red ski jacket, and over the field of moguls just beyond the tips of my skis. I took a breath, tightened the grip on my poles, and slid … Continue reading

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Snow, Beer, Nick Matthew & Amr: An Evening at the ToC

The snow was falling thickly outside my office window all day. A curtain of white had been pulled over my usual view of downtown Manhattan—the Freedom Tower, the ferries on the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty—so that only … Continue reading

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Louder than Lions – Howe Cup Roars with Women

I got the eye of the ti-ger, The music is blaring. a figh-ter, dancing through the fi-re The floor is shaking. Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roarrrr And the dance floor is full . . … Continue reading

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A very good, bad day : cycling through the Olympic decision

At twelve noon a Sunday or so ago, I was in Flushing, Queens. And, no, not at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The Serena and Victoria slugfest would not start until later. No, I was slugging it out … Continue reading

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Every Night Eat Ice Cream: Charlie Johnson Brings Refreshing Advice to CityView

The ball comes off the front wall hard and deep toward the back left corner. I lunge for it, but my brain tells me there’s no way I’ll get it, so I don’t. The ball dies in the back. “You … Continue reading

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Squash makes the final three for 2020!

How I feel right now…. For a bit more info. than this photo can offer, see squashsite365

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Hanging Around the World Doubles Squash Championships

Is 19 too young to win a World Doubles Championship? Is 36 too old? I spent the weekend finding out the answers to these questions at the NetJets World Doubles Squash Championships in NYC, and watching some truly great matches … Continue reading

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