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What Do Greek Olives Taste Like? Revelations in the Peloponnese

“Here,” the man said, walking over to some waist high earthenware jars, “you should try these.” He lifted the dinner plate sized lid, revealing dark purple olives glistening in brine. He took a ladle and scooped up four or five … Continue reading

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What’s better than the best burger in NYC? Victory at the ToC!

What could be better than a mid-afternoon lunch at one of New York’s oldest bars—the Ear Inn, the Australian Open on the telly, and a cold beer and warm burger in front of you? Not much, trust me. But I … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of a Five Game Match?? Not the Women.

Deep into one of Thursday evening’s women’s semifinal matches at the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions, a woman sitting near me yelped loudly with disappointment. One of the players on court had made an error, losing the point. Usually, many … Continue reading

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A Night of Frustration, Exhaustion, Surprise, and Predictability

New York in winter. West Village wood smoke in the cold air. A steaming slice of John’s pizza burning your tongue. The white lights of the Chrysler building shining more beautiful than any constellation. It is supposed to be snowing, … Continue reading

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Nicol and Raneem’s Excellent Adventure Story

I heard an absolutely amazing story the other day. A friend had told me about it after we had played a few hours of doubles squash and I was wringing out my sweatbands and trying to muster the energy to … Continue reading

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A Night of New York Women…and Squash

Over an Oktoberfest beer the other evening, a friend remarked to me, “we’re the only women I know who still play the sport we played in college.” My friend plays tennis and I play squash, and I feel incredibly fortunate … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Day in the Badlands . . . if you can keep your bike upright

The front wheel wobbled in front of me in the narrow dirt and rock track. There was only an inch or two of clearance—or so it seemed—between the thick rubber tire and the sides of the track. The wheel in … Continue reading

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The Here and Now: a little skiing/squash zen

Fluffy flakes of snow fell all around me—in the evergreens, on my red ski jacket, and over the field of moguls just beyond the tips of my skis. I took a breath, tightened the grip on my poles, and slid … Continue reading

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Snow, Beer, Nick Matthew & Amr: An Evening at the ToC

The snow was falling thickly outside my office window all day. A curtain of white had been pulled over my usual view of downtown Manhattan—the Freedom Tower, the ferries on the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty—so that only … Continue reading

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Louder than Lions – Howe Cup Roars with Women

I got the eye of the ti-ger, The music is blaring. a figh-ter, dancing through the fi-re The floor is shaking. Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roarrrr And the dance floor is full . . … Continue reading

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