where will we go?

I should be packing for my sailing trip to Bermuda….instead I’m fielding emails about the Printing House Squash Club’s demise and the BIG QUESTION: where will we go?

Like all of my fellow PHers, I’ve been trying to figure out my priorities. To name the most important: Cost. Convenience. Community. And who’s the squash pro. This last one has risen to the top today, because I just found out that John Musto has been named the Director of Squash at CityView. Coincidentally, I just wrote about John and his superb coaching of the Howe Cup team in my latest blog for the MSRA.

I work in SoHo and live in Park Slope. As CityView is in Long Island City, it wasn’t at the top of my list. But when I think of what I’ll miss most about Printing House–the community–and how much John values that and will give 110% to make CityView a great place to be, I realize that the feeling of a club–who plays there, who runs the squash program–is most important to me.

I’m not ruling out other options just yet. The EAC would actually be the most convenient for me. But I’ve been out to CityView a few times for league matches and was surprised by how quickly I got there. From my office in SoHo, it was under 30 minutes. And there’s no denying the club puts PH to shame. The last time I was there, I tried out the doubles court, played some ping-pong, had a few beers at their bar, and didn’t have to scrub down the shower as I have to at PH. I could see myself living there on winter weekends…..

I also want to put in a word for John Musto. This is a guy that loves squash, love to teach it, and loves to help anyone with an interest in squash, no matter what your level. As I describe in my ‘master and professor’ post, he’s also incredibly effective at it.

I haven’t made a decision yet – it’s only been about 24 hours since the tragic news – but I will definitely be at the Open House at CityView he’s having on Thursday, November 18th from 6-8. I hope I’ll see a lot of you there. It’s wishful thinking, but if I could just transport the PH squash community to wherever I join, I would be a happy squash camper.

Here’s the official announcement from CityView: CityView Racquet Club (www.cityviewracquet.com) has announced John Musto has been named its new Director of Squash.  Musto intends to create an exciting squash program within one of the most beautiful clubs in the country, with game arranging, clinics, junior development programs, tournaments, etc.  The setting at CityView also offers a high quality fitness center, spa and cocktail lounge for members only.  To introduce potential squash members to Mr. Musto and CityView Racquet Club, there will be an open-house and cocktail event on Thursday, November 18, 2010 from 6pm – 10pm.  CityView is inviting new members with a complimentary one-month trial and a specially designed membership package. For more information, contact John Musto at jmusto@cityviewracquet.com or Christina Lenahan at 718-289-6252 or clenahan@cityviewracquet.com.

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  1. Olivia says:

    I just joined EAC myself and while I will admit that the club doesn’t have the same great community that PH had, I would love to see some Printing House players join – especially women. The club is beautiful, convenient and has many features that PH had. Let me know if you decide to join.

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